Dog Walking with Best Behaviour's Dog School

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We run an off lead dog walking and exercise service that covers the North Kent areas of Sevenoaks, Tonbridge and surrounding villages plus the South Kent areas of Ashford, Hythe and Folkestone. Call us to book your dog into an exercise class, or keep reading to find out more...

Walking your dog is an essential part of keeping your dog healthy, mentally and physically stimulated. Exercise, socialisation and diet are key factors which influence an animal's behaviour. By feeding a high quality food and giving your dog adequate exercise with others, you will improve your dog's health and may prevent household destruction and other behaviour problems.

Dogs need to be walked every day, the amount dependent on the breed type, age and health. Unfortunately, for many reasons owners are not always able to provide their dog with the vital exercise they need. We run a Dog Walking Service called Dog School. We operate throughout Kent and exercise dogs in the way the owners would like to do themselves - we treat every dog as if it is our own!

Dogs are collected as a group to enjoy play with other dogs - no dog is too small or too large! Depending on their temperament your dog will be selected for the most suitable class. This enables the group to form bonds and friendships, which they can enjoy on a regular basis. 

Your dog's safety is our primary concern. All the dogs enjoy a fun, structured session, under the constant supervision of our highly trained managers. Our exercise areas are securely fenced Your dog can run to his heart's content!

Our unique dog walking and exercise service, named Dog School, covers Sevenoaks, Tonbridge , Ashford, Hythe and Folkestone. 

Dogs Schools

  • Pippa Ducat

    MSc in Animal Behaviour & Psychology

    Pippa offers personal training consultations throughout the South East and helps with all dog schools

  • Suzy Gallagher

    BSc (Hons) Psychology

    Suzy offers personal training consultations and training classes in Sevenoaks and surrounding villages

  • Naomi Brooks

    BSc in Animal Behaviour and Welfare

    Naomi manages Sevenoaks Dog School

  • Bev and Chris

    Canine Nutritionists & Experts in Dog Welfare

    Bev and Chris manage Tonbridge Dog School

  • Jennifer Moffatt

    Jen manages the Hythe, Folkestone & Ashford Dog School